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Dermo Clean Laboratory offers you all the resources to create the special products you want. As you need is our priority, we can improve everything: cosmetic care products, dermatological care products, dietary supplements, hair products, perfumes İhtiy We focus strongly on creativity and research, so we can design and develop a wide range of products regardless of texture, presentation, formulation Yarat Products created for your brand can then be distributed anywhere in the world. Collaborating with Dermo Clean Laboratory means taking advantage of our expertise in various areas specific to the health sector.

Let's talk about R & D, legal concerns, marketing, packaging, logos, graphical universe, printing and advertising at retail outlets, website, screen printing, production, packaging, quality control satış Our intervention areas may encounter a comprehensive product to cover every area .

«Full Service» offer in 9 steps | Dermo Clean Laboratory:

  • 1: Evaluation of your constraints and specifications
  • 2: Research of active ingredients and innovative tissues
  • 3: Development of formulations according to legislation
  • 4: Product stability studies and packaging compatibility tests
  • 5: Production
  • 6: Initiation of tests: stability, natural light aging, difficulty tests, toxicological tests
  • 7: Packaging and labeling
  • 8: Special tests on demand (sensory analysis, clinical test Talep)
  • 9: Completion of the cosmetic editing file according to the regulation (Technical Information File (TIF), notification to the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP)

The Dermo Clean Laboratory team listens and supports you at every step.


Innovation is our core business: to be a pioneer in our field is our goal. Dermo Clean Laboratory continues to carry out R & D activities as well as technology, as indicated by the diversity of our product range: cosmetics, dietary supplements and hair care perfumes.

A window for nature: For more than 20 years, Dermo Clean Laboratory marries nature and strategy.

Nature concentrates on the great richness of the Dermo Clean Laboratory with its product formulations. Our functional component blends exemplify the pioneering approach of the Dermo Clean Laboratory to find the best factors wherever they are. We create natural cosmetics specialists, respectful to the environment, quality and personalized products.

Our expert team keeps up with the latest health innovations by providing competitive intelligence in raw materials and tissues. Members of our R & D team, who are real experts in the Dermo-cosmetic formulation, will be proactive and offer you formulas to suit your needs. In practical terms, this means:

  • Raw material research
  • Formulation development
  • Physico-chemical characterization of the most active substances and components
  • Implementation of compliance of the components, activities and formulations in export markets with the regulations
  • Traceability at every stage of the production process
  • Industrial production transfer in cooperation with manufacturing teams
  • Implementation of efficiency tests in accordance with competent claims
  • Interpretation and verification of tests and results (stability, efficacy, tolerability, microbiology, etc.)

We believe that the effectiveness of formulations must be proven before making any claims. We are developing turnkey, effective and innovative cosmetic formulations with scientifically proven actions.

Tell us your specifications and restrictions and we'll provide a unique offer for your brand.


Dermo Clean Laboratory has both manufacturing and packaging units. Thus we can offer you a final product; Ready to be distributed in European and international markets.

Our cosmetic packaging machines are specifically designed to fill and combine any formulation: liquids, gels, creams, oils, emulsions, masks, brushes, pastes, alcoholic solutions Kozmetik
Our team and state-of-the-art equipment are there to answer your every need.

Packing selection:

⇒ Bottles: standard, pump, dropper
⇒ Tube, jar (plastic or glass), airless technology
⇒ Distillation, enfleurage and perfume packaging
⇒ Scouring and packaging of scented candles
Upon request, we can deliver the products in bulk or in barrels or containers.

Different types of delivery:
⇒ Bulk
⇒ Drums or containers (on request)

Packing selection:
Selection of primary and secondary packaging: carton type, weight, thickness
⇒ Color and upgraded printing

The best printing techniques to improve your packaging: hot printing, embossing ... End High end coat (varnish, lamination) Stamping selection:
⇒ Labeling (opaque or transparent)
C Screen printing and tampo-printing
Hot Stamping (Gold / Silver)

As we know how important the visual impact of the products are, we adopt an innovative and strategic approach to packaging. We recommend that you design high quality and affordable packaging solutions in line with your demands and brand identity.


All EU and FDA regulations are monitored, updated and implemented by our R & D department. All our customers are given full support for label information requirements, preparation of product information files and work with 3rd party independent laboratories for clinical tests.

Dermo Clean Laboratory fulfills the requirements for file labeling for private label cosmetics and as part of certificates.

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