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Istanbul Pharmaceutical Cosmetic Company, it has been active in the production and sale of herbal cosmetics since 2000. Joker Gıda Sanayii International Domestic and Foreign Trade. Ltd. Sti. has been active in food supplements since 2005. Our Group Companies HD Pharmaceuticals Cosmetic Medikal San. Tic. Inc. ensures the distribution of our products to our people by creating our distribution network in 2013, we have been established to meet the sector needs of our people in cooperation with Pharmacies and Pharmacies.

Since 1992, Tolga SALMAN has been a leading partner in herbal products and herbal cosmetics, food supplements and has also played a leading role in the expansion of herbal products market. In 1998, he produced the depilatory cream first in the world. Nowadays, these products are sold in the market as depilatories.

After 10 years of psoriasis-related studies between 1995 and 2005, Dermo Clean introduced a series of plant extracts and this product was used by psoriasis patients until 2009. As of 2014, Dermoclean SDF19 Skin lotion, Hair lotion, and Shampoo series has been re-produced. There is still no better product on the market. Our group produces many products sold on the market in herbal cosmetics and food supplements. More than 100 manufacturers continue to grow by contract manufacturing.


As a leading Turkish healthcare provider, we have been constantly meeting the demands, needs and expectations of our customers with high quality cosmetic products and food supplements for more than 20 years. We establish and maintain common relations with all other stakeholders on the basis of trust and reciprocity, as well as our consumers. We strive for a pleasant working environment and we do our best to contribute to a wider community as well as our welfare or region. Our social responsibility awareness is reflected in the support we provide to many sports, culture, education and humanitarian organizations and projects. Being aware of our environmental responsibility, we are committed to improving the environmental aspects of our business activities and continuously protecting the natural world through the rational use of energy, raw materials and other natural resources.


Developing high-quality, natural and innovative cosmetic products suitable for the user and the environment; assuming the leading market position in cosmetic care products and food supplements market in Turkey, and become the first choice among users; increasing our market share and corporate reputation in our existing markets, and entering new markets.










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