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Who are we?

Istanbul Pharmaceutical Cosmetic Company, it has been active in the production and sale of herbal cosmetics since 2000. Joker Gıda Sanayii International Domestic and Foreign Trade. Ltd. Sti. has been active in food supplements since 2005. Our Group Companies HD Pharmaceuticals Cosmetic Medikal San. Tic. Inc. ensures the distribution of our products to our people by creating our distribution network in 2013, we have been established to meet the sector needs of our people in cooperation with Pharmacies and Pharmacies.

Commitment to Excellence

Since 2000 Dermo Clean Laboratories has been developing and producing high quality nutritional supplements. Our ongoing mission is to provide consumers with the highest quality, innovative, science-based nutritional supplements. We are committed to distributing our products exclusively in the natural products industry, wherever you are.



  • BIOLOGICAL Patents
  • Active Ingredients Recognized Scientifically
  • Prevention Policy
  • Safety and efficacy tests
  • Clinical studies

Food Supplements

Dermo Clean has been producing quality food supplements and cosmetic products for more than 20 years in a constantly developing sector. Throughout these changes, we have never lost our ability to see our original mission - to provide consumers with the best quality nutrition products and information to promote the best health. Our attention to detail through distribution through production has enabled us to establish, maintain and continuously improve the gold standard for quality nutritional supplements, training and service.


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